Sam Rader Documents


Doc# Year Mo Day Language 1 Language 2 File Name Comments
1 1903 10 1 Polish



Sam Rader's acceptance for study with the furrier's guild. Gives his birth date as 8/15/1888
2 1907 5 8 Polish German



S.Rader cert. of birth w/ parents names, Chaskel Rader, Rachel Goldstein. Gives birth date of 6/12/1888
3 1909 2 19 German



Berlin consuluate doc. gives birth date of 6/12/1888
4 1909 8 21 German



Typed doc. issued by Austrian-Hungarian (A-H) Consulate
5 1910 1 22 German



Berlin consulate doc. gives birth date of 6/14/1888
6 1910 3 21 German
doc06.pdf Berlin A-H consuluate doc.
7 1921 2 3 Polish German



Marriage cert. Chaskel Reder & Rachl Goldstein, ages 26 & 21, 6/14/1887
8 1907 4 7 Polish German



Certification of community of origin: borough of Klasno, Wielicka, Galicya. Identifies S.R. profession, “Pelzmachergchifte,” furier?
9 1938 6 13 Polish



Declaraton of indigence (ubostwa)? Form mentioning Regina Konigsberger
10 1938 6 21 German



Handwritten. Begins with “Lieber Herr Rader.” Ends with a Berlin address
11 1939 1 30 German



Handwritten. Oversized. 2pages. Heading indicates it originates from Wieliczka.
12 1937 ? 19 German



Handwritten. 10 pp, 5x7. Regina Konigsberg's name appears twice. Heading indicates it originates from Wieliczka.
13 1938 7 13 German



Handwritten. 4pp, 5x7. Heading indicates Wieliczka. Begins with “Bester Freund Zygmunt.” Ends with a Berlin address
14 nd nd nd German



Handwritten. 2 pages, 5x7. Same handwriting as docs 11& 12
15 1940 11 22 German  



Red Cross Inquiry form. Request from Sam Rader for information regarding “meine Tante Regina Konigsberger” and “meine mutter Rosalia Goldstein.” Reply written on reverse stamped 4/17/1941
16 nd nd nd Hebrew
doc16.pdf Katuba?
17 nd nd nd Hebrew
doc17.pdf Katuba?
18 nd nd nd Polish English doc18.pdf Wieliszka printed letter head with handwritten address of Rabbi in NY, a name in Chicago, and one in Wieliczka
19 1930 9 29 English
doc19.pdf Typewritten letter from Max Kraus to Sam Rader with news from Europe of Sam's mother referencing an enclosed letter from her.
20 1907 3 28 Polish
doc20.pdf Salamon Reder Workbook. Form is in German, Polish, & Ukrainian. Entries are in Polish. Date is last work entry. Lists birthdate as 8/15/1888. Lists guardian as Nahemia Goldstein.
21 1918 9 1 English
doc21.pdf Postcard from New York to Sam Rader from Regina Kosches. “Regards from Nancy, Mama, Papa, Rosey and Morris.”
22 1920 9 9 German



Postcard from Krakow to Sam Rader from Felicie Raab. Picture is captioned “Ul. Grodzka”
23 1920 9 9 German



Postcard from Krakow to Sam Rader from Felicie Raab. Picture side is highly damaged but shows a building. St Louis address on #s22 & 23 has been corrected from 4803 Fountain Ave to 5897 Washington
24 nd nd nd German English doc24.pdf Envelop addressed to Regina Koningsberger, Wieliska bei Krakau, Poland “Generagovernement” with return address from Sam Rader, 6630 Clemens Ave, St Louis. Inside is a piece of paper with the the New York address of Mrs Regina Kosches.
25 nd nd nd German



Postcard addressed to Herr S. Rader, Berlin from Helene Lemke. Deutches Reich stamp with Brandenberg postmark.
26 1938 10 9 English
doc26.pdf Letter to Mr Z. Fygel, Fed. of Polish Jews in America responding to a request to assume financial responsibility for Mrs. Hans Bruh of Berlin from Sam Rader, University City, Missouri
27 1926 10 16 English
doc27.pdf Telegram from J Gershon, Oklahoma City to Sam Rader, University City, Missouri. “Nettie has passed away come if possible we need you.”
28 1924 6 12 English
doc28.pdf Diamond Ring receipt to Miss A. Magidson from Gallant Jewelry, St Louis.
29 1927 5 10 English
doc29.pdf Hospital bill to Ann Rader from St. Luke's Hospital for hospital care 5/8-9
30 1941 7 1 English
doc30.pdf Letter from Marie Campbell, St Louis Red Cross to Sam Rader. “We have an answer to your inquiry regarding Regina Konigisberger [sic], which we will be happy to deliver . . . if you will call . . .”
31 nd nd nd German
doc31.pdf Berlin guide book, ca. 1910. “Berliner Verkehrsbuch”
32 1976 8 24 English
doc32.pdf Sale contract for duplex at 7225-37 Delmar, St Louis
33 1917 6 5 English   doc33.pdf Sam Rader's WWI draft registration record. Lists birthday as June 12, 1888. Employment status: furrier with Stix Baer Fuller